There are times when a tooth simply cannot be saved, and in these cases the only choice is to extract the tooth. The reason we would want to extract a tooth such as this one is because if you leave a broken-down tooth in the mouth for an extended period of time, you run the risks of getting an infection, having increased bone loss in the area, and damaging the adjacent teeth.

We perform extractions

We understand that our patients want to have as many services as possible provided for them in our office, where they are most comfortable; for this reason, we do most of our own extractions. However, there are times when a tooth is better taken out by a specialist (usually certain wisdom teeth), and in these limited cases we will refer you to an oral surgeon.

Advantages of having us take the tooth out

The distinct advantage of having us perform any necessary extractions is that we take out the affected teeth - and we work with you to plan how we are going to replace them. There are a number of options for replacing missing teeth including dental implants, dental bridges, and removable dentures (or partial dentures). For example, if we are planning on making a removable denture to replace teeth that will be extracted, we can make the denture ahead of time, and then insert the denture for you at the time of extraction.

Nobody likes to have to have a tooth taken out, but if you do need to have an extraction, our office can help. Call us or contact us today to make an appointment.

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