We understand that children are not small adults, and when it comes to their dental care, we treat children like they're supposed to be treated -- like children.

Comprehensive Care for Kids

We provide a comprehensive array of services for children, including exams, fillings, extractions, and sealants, in a warm and friendly environment. We know that many children are fearful of going to the dentist, and we work with our young patients to help them be comfortable at our practice.

Tell, Show, Do

One of the techniques we use in order to help children relieve their anxiety is called, "Tell, Show, Do." With this time-tested approach, we first tell the child what we are going to do in language they will understand. We then show the child what we are going to do (for example, we might touch the tip of the parent's finger with the dental explorer to show the child that checking their teeth won't hurt). And finally, we go ahead and do what we talked about.

A note to parents

In order to ensure that their children behave at the dentist, it's tempting for some parents to tell a child that a dental visit will hurt unless they behave, or that the child will "get a needle" if they aren't cooperative. Many studies done over the years demonstrate that this is not an ideal approach. Prior to your child's visit feel free to tell them that you expect them behave, but do not try to scare them into compliance. We have our own techniques and methods to help children succeed at dental appointments, and we want to make sure that your child does not come to his or her appointment frightened before they even set foot in the office.

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